The Good Scissors


Every household needs The Good Scissors, and they don't get any gooderer than these. The Whiteley & Wilkinson families have been making these high quality Sheffield Steel scissors in England since 1760. Eleven generations on they've added a few fancy new technologies and materials, but are still making the same heirloom quality pieces they always have.

The value of a good pair of scissors cannot be overestimated. Whether for fine tailoring, general craft, or everyday use, investment in one of these fine tools will reward you with immensely satisfying sharp, straight cuts for everything from delicately snipping a single thread to slicing effortlessly through bullet proof Kevlar (or most anything else you could think of).

10" Kevlar Shears - left or right handed.
The mother of all dressmaking scissors - these long, modern composite shears will cut though even the heaviest wools, felts and leather without resistance.

8" Kevlar shears - right handed
Their smaller size makes them a great all purpose craft scissor, tough enough to tackle all manner of jobs.