Hoax Nation: Australian Fakes and Frauds from Plato to Norma Khouri

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Hoax Nation
Australian Fakes and Frauds from Plato to Norma Khouri

Author: Simon Caterson
Publisher: Arcade Publications
ISBN: 9780980436747

From the blurb:
Not for nothing did Mark Twain famously describe Australian history as 'like reading the most beautiful lies'. But when he uttered those words, Twain didn't know the half of it. In this cook's tour of 2500 years of tall stories about and from Australia, Melbourne writer Simon Caterson shows why Australia has been a hoax nation since ancient times. From imaginary voyages through to modern art frauds and literary scandals and impostures, 'Hoax Nation' covers everything from Plato to Norma Khouri, from the Tichborne Claimant to Ern Malley. Though many of these deceptions - such as Malley and Helen Demidenko - are well known, Caterson has also brought to light many other, lesser-known fakes and pretenders, weaving a colourful and unique tapestry of lies and fabrication that will complement and challenge the conventional narrative of Australian history.

Did you know that hoaxes form a significant, if not essential, part of such familiar national myths as Ned Kelly, Gallipoli and Bodyline? After reading 'Hoax Nation', you'll never look at our rich legacy of hoaxes - or Australian history - the same way again.