Flexible Sealing Wax


For over 300 years, J. Herbin waxes and inks have been used by dignitaries, conquerors, novelists and fashion designers. From King Louis XIV in 1682 and Napoleon Bonaparte in 1814, to Les Miserables author Victor Hugo in 1862 and Coco Chanel, who used a J. Herbin wax seal as the finishing touch to her first perfume box.

Whilst you may not have many royal missives to send, wax seals are a perfect finish for your cards & letters, menus, gift wrap, jars of homemade preserves, and anything else you can think of.



- WAX TYPE: Wickless sticks
- SOURCE: Handmade in France
- WAX SEAL QUANTITY: Approximately 15-30 seals per stick, 60-120 per packet
- USE: Ideal for postage as the wax is flexible